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Sector Reports & Other Resources 

UNACC is dedicated to developing a comprehensive collection of top-tier resources covering various facets of the clean cooking sector. Our commitment extends to publishing materials authored not only by UNACC but also by esteemed sector partners such as CCA, GIZ, MECs, and others. This collaborative approach ensures a wealth of high-quality information to advance the goals and initiatives within the clean cooking domain.

This report outlines UNACC's four-month initiative, in collaboration with MECs, to promote modern cooking technologies in Kampala. Exhibitions at key locations and a successful media event were conducted, supported by MECs' funding. The report covers lessons learned, challenges faced, and insights from surveys of media personnel and electric pressure cooker (EPC) end-users.

UNACC's Clean Cooking Awareness Campaign in Kampala - December 2023

This report details UNACC's initiative, backed by Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECs) and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, to address the challenges of low awareness and adoption of clean cooking technologies in Kampala. Despite existing interventions, misconceptions persist, hindering progress in safety, affordability, and accessibility. With additional support from the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), a targeted awareness campaign was conducted at Owino (St.Balikuddembe) market. The five-day project aimed to increase the adoption and sustained use of clean cooking technologies.

UNACC-MECS Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC) User Survey Report - December 2023

This report presents the findings of a comprehensive survey conducted by UNACC (Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking) in collaboration with Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECs) among Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC) users in December 2023. The survey aimed to assess user experiences, challenges, and perceptions regarding the adoption and utilization of EPCs in the clean cooking sector. The report provides valuable insights into the preferences, motivations, and feedback from users, contributing to a deeper understanding of the impact of EPCs on cooking practices in the target region.

UNACC-MECS Media Survey Report - October 2023

This report summarizes the outcomes of a survey conducted by the Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking (UNACC) in collaboration with Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECs) among media house representatives in October 2023. The survey aimed to gather insights into the perceptions, attitudes, and potential roles of media professionals in promoting clean cooking technologies. By examining the responses, the report provides valuable information for understanding the media's influence on public awareness and adoption of sustainable cooking practices.

Media Workshop on Clean Cooking Technologies: UNACC's Initiative for Behavioral Change - October 2023

This report details a media workshop organized by the Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking (UNACC) with support from Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS), held on October 11, 2023, at Silver Springs. The workshop aimed to disseminate information to the media about the benefits of clean cooking technologies and explore collaborative efforts to promote modern energy services. The event successfully trained 78 participants, primarily from the media, on the advantages of using electric pressure cookers and other clean cooking appliances.

Energy Policy for Uganda 2023: Towards Sustainable Development and Vision 2040

Published in 2023, the Energy Policy for Uganda outlines a strategic framework aimed at ensuring energy security, expanding access to clean and affordable energy, promoting renewable sources, strengthening institutional frameworks, fostering innovation, and encouraging private sector participation. Building on the achievements of its predecessor, the policy emphasizes diversification of energy sources, expansion of electricity infrastructure, enhanced energy efficiency, and inclusive access to marginalized communities. Strategic actions include the promotion of diverse energy sources, infrastructure expansion, energy efficiency measures, and targeted programs for inclusive access. The policy underscores the importance of collaboration between government, private sector, and civil society for successful implementation, with a robust monitoring and evaluation framework ensuring accountability and guiding adjustments. The Energy Policy for Uganda 2023 reflects the nation's commitment to sustainable energy development, aligning with Vision 2040 for socio-economic growth and environmental responsibility.

A Comprehensive Report on UNACC's Clean Cooking Sector Support Project - May 2022

This report highlights the transformative journey undertaken by the Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking (UNACC) during the period from October 2021 to May 2022. With robust support from GiZ Energising Development (EnDev), the "Clean Cooking Sector Support" project was instrumental in fortifying UNACC's secretariat. This initiative aimed to enhance clean cooking solutions, advocate for favorable sector frameworks, and elevate the organization's capacity for sustainable impact.

Technical Production Process Assessment of Selected UNACC Member Companies - November 2020

This report presents the findings and insights derived from a rigorous assessment conducted on the technical production processes of selected member companies affiliated with the Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking (UNACC). Undertaken with the objective of evaluating and enhancing the efficiency of clean cooking solution production, this assessment is a pivotal step in advancing UNACC's mission towards sustainable, clean energy practices in Uganda.

Baseline Survey Report for the Creation of Public Awareness of Modern Cooking Technologies In and Around Kampala District - May 2023

This report represents a comprehensive analysis of e-cooking awareness, adoption, challenges, and prospects based on a detailed survey conducted among households. Key findings highlight the distribution of information sources, perceptions influencing technology utilization, preferences for specific e-cooking technologies like Electric Pressure Cookers (EPCs), and sentiments towards e-cooking benefits and challenges.

A Report for The Survey Conducted Among Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC) Users - December 2023 

This report presents the transformative impact of Electric Pressure Cookers (EPCs) on household cooking practices, as revealed by a detailed survey. The findings highlight the significant advantages and challenges experienced by EPC users, shedding light on their satisfaction, usage patterns, motivations, benefits, and areas for improvement.

Endline Survey Report for Creation Of Public Awareness Of Modern Cooking Technologies In and Around Kampala District - June 2023

The endline survey results highlight significant progress in e-cooking awareness, adoption, and perceptions. Organizations played a crucial role in information dissemination, with a notable 24.9% increase in their contribution, indicating successful awareness efforts by entities like UNACC in promoting e-cooking technologies and demystifying electricity use for meal preparation.

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