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Women walking long distance to collect firewood UNACC



UNACC is committed to enhancing synergy and coordination among stakeholders to ensure equitable universal access to clean cooking solutions in Uganda. We strive to create a future where every Ugandan household has access to clean cooking options that improve health, environmental outcomes, and socioeconomic well-being.


We envision a future where every Ugandan household has access to clean cooking solutions, enabling a healthier, more sustainable, and prosperous society for all. We believe that clean cooking is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being), SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), and SDG 13 (Climate Action).


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UNACC has played a crucial role in shaping the policy landscape for clean cooking in Uganda.


The organization has actively engaged with policymakers and stakeholders to develop and implement comprehensive clean cooking policies and strategies.


These policies have incentivized the adoption of clean cooking technologies, promoted access to clean cooking fuels, and raised awareness of the benefits of clean cooking.


As a result of UNACC's policy advocacy efforts, Uganda has made significant progress in establishing a supportive environment for clean cooking adoption.

Happy kids in a ugandan village-UNACC

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

UNACC has been a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship in the clean cooking sector.


The organization has supported the development and commercialization of innovative clean cooking technologies and business models.


These innovations have addressed the specific needs of Ugandan households and communities, providing them with affordable, efficient, and sustainable cooking options.


UNACC's support for innovation has also contributed to the growth of a vibrant clean cooking industry in Uganda, creating new jobs and economic opportunities.

Collecting firewood in rural Uganda mainly done by women and children -UNACC

Sustainable Scalling

UNACC has promoted the sustainable scaling of clean cooking solutions through strategic partnerships with government, private sector, and civil society organizations.


These partnerships have leveraged the strengths and resources of each partner to expand the reach of clean cooking solutions and ensure their long-term sustainability.


UNACC's collaborations have been instrumental in increasing access to clean cooking solutions for a wider range of Ugandans, particularly in rural and underserved areas.

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