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Creating Meaningful Impact

In the heart of East Africa, where traditional cooking methods pose significant health and environmental risks, a beacon of hope shines bright – the Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking (UNACC). Established in 2013, UNACC stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, uniting diverse stakeholders under a common goal: to transform Uganda through clean cooking solutions.

At the core of UNACC's mission lies an unwavering commitment to empowering Ugandans to embrace a healthier, more sustainable future. By fostering partnerships among government agencies, NGOs, private sector companies, and civil society organizations, UNACC orchestrates a symphony of expertise and resources, creating a unified front against the harmful effects of traditional cooking practices.

UNACC's unwavering dedication to clean cooking stems from a profound understanding of the transformative potential of these technologies. Traditional cooking methods, often reliant on open fires and inefficient stoves, release harmful pollutants that contribute to respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and other health problems. Moreover, these practices exacerbate deforestation, jeopardizing Uganda's precious ecosystems and contributing to climate change.

UNACC acknowledges that achieving a clean cooking future necessitates a multifaceted approach. With this in mind, the organization meticulously operates across four mandates to advance its goals.


1. Knowledge Generation & Dissemination

UNACC is a key source of information on clean cooking technologies, policies, and best practices. The organization gathers, analyzes, and disseminates information through various channels, including:

Reports and publications:

UNACC publishes regular reports on the state of clean cooking in Uganda, as well as case studies and success stories.

Workshops and training sessions:

UNACC organizes workshops and training sessions for policymakers, practitioners, and the public to share knowledge and build capacity.

Online platform:

UNACC maintains an online platform with up-to-date information on clean cooking, including news, resources, and tools.

Through our knowledge generation and dissemination activities, UNACC plays a crucial role in informing decision-making, promoting innovation, and accelerating the adoption of clean cooking solutions in Uganda.

2. Standardization & Capacity Building

UNACC supports the development and enforcement of clean cooking standards to ensure the quality and safety of products and services. The organization works with stakeholders to:

Develop and implement technical standards for clean cooking stoves and fuels: UNACC ensures that clean cooking products meet international quality and safety standards to protect consumers and the environment.

Promote the adoption of clean cooking standards: UNACC educates manufacturers, distributors, and consumers about the importance of clean cooking standards to enhance product quality and consumer confidence.

Support the development of capacity to test and comply with standards:

UNACC provides training and support to manufacturers and testing laboratories to ensure that they can meet the requirements of clean cooking standards.

Through our standardization and capacity building activities, UNACC is helping to ensure the quality and safety of clean cooking solutions in Uganda, which is essential to protecting public health and promoting sustainable development.

3. Policy Advocacy & Resource Mobilization

UNACC is actively engaged in policy advocacy to promote clean cooking in Uganda. The organization works with policymakers and stakeholders to:

Develop and implement policies that support the adoption of clean cooking solutions:

UNACC advocates for policies that incentivize the use of clean cooking technologies, provide access to clean cooking fuels, and promote awareness of clean cooking benefits.

Mobilize financial resources for clean cooking:

UNACC works with donors and development partners to secure funding for clean cooking projects and initiatives. The organization also seeks to attract private sector investment in clean cooking technologies and services.

Through our policy advocacy and resource mobilization efforts, UNACC is helping to create a supportive environment for clean cooking in Uganda and ensuring that the necessary resources are available to achieve universal access to clean cooking solutions.

4. Partnership & Networking

UNACC fosters collaborations with local and international organizations to expand its reach, share expertise, and amplify its impact. The organization works with partners to:

Share knowledge and best practices:

UNACC collaborates with partners to exchange information and learn from each other's experiences in the clean cooking sector.

Develop and implement joint initiatives:

UNACC partners with other organizations to undertake large-scale clean cooking projects and programs.

Promote the scaling up of clean cooking solutions: UNACC works with partners to identify and address scaling-up challenges and accelerate the adoption of clean cooking solutions across Uganda.

Through our partnerships and networking activities, UNACC is creating a collective effort to achieve universal access to clean cooking solutions in Uganda.


The organization is bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders to leverage their strengths, expertise, and resources to address this pressing challenge.

If you’d like more information about our work, get in touch today.

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